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The Jones Sisters are a group of young ladies from Marrero, Louisiana, the Westbank of New Orleans.


Born with the gift of music, these sisters have been singing since before they could say the alphabet.


The eldest Kayla, would listen to her parents sing and play music at home and in church. With mom as the choir director and dad a musician, Kayla learned to amazingly match tones perfectly with her parents as a baby.


Kiera came next, and would often sing and harmonize cartoon shows, video games with Kayla imitating anything they heard musically. When they were two and three years old, they were asked to sing on the spot at Hallelujah Night, which is a Halloween night alternative. This was the start of their singing career.


A few years later God added another sister to the group. Dalia followed her sisters in like manner, adding a third part for harmony. Around this time their dad was deployed with the military to Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly afterward was the great devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and the Jones Family was diplaced. They evacuated to a town north of New Orleans, where they found a small church to worship until they were able to return home. Dejon, the youngest sister, was born during this tough time, but very quickly followed the pattern set by her sisters. The three sisters were featured on a program while Dejon was still in her baby seat. As they finished their selection, there was a standing ovation as people were shocked to hear that the baby was singing correct soprano notes along with the melodies of her sisters.


God showed up again when one night after accidentally leaving a keyboard on, it was discovered that Kiera had another gifting. She started touching the keys and eventually played a song. She progressed very quickly and in a very short time became the musician for The Jones Sisters.


Their very first concert performance was opening for Kierra “KiKi” Sheard at the ages of 8, 6, 3, and 2 at that time. Since then The Jones Sisters have traveled across the country singing the gospel and using the gift given to them by God.

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